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I am going to writing my own headcanons of my Gladio & Ignis to celebrate Gladio Week!! I have the whole settings from the first time they meet to happily ever after!!!


1.First impression 12x13
From Gladio's point of view it could be love at first sight (x). Ignis is intelligent, well behaved, polite, very persuasive, and a walking human encyclopedia.

After knowing that he was only 12, Gladio became a fan of Ignis and started to praise him (thus the Samoyed mode), "流石イグニス" became his pet phrase. He'd compliment Ignis dozens of times in front of his family and wasn't really aware of it.

Iris got annoyed by his action and complained to Ignis, who thought it was fun and didn't do anything about it. Clarus knew about this, and he correctly deciphered Gladio's action so when he finally meet Ignis for the first time

his words were "So you are the famous Ignis Scentia. My boy really likes you." By the time Gladio took Ignis to see the parent, YES, Daddy Clarus already knew about them dating. (Afterall, he is the Prime Minister who knew almost EVERYTHING)

Feel free to check out my fic for details https://archiveofourown.org/works/27555457

Ignis first impression of Gladio was pretty bad cuz Noctis said the new instructor is a bad person. But after meeting Gladio in person, Ignis found out that he's polite, responsible, modest, honest, a man of principal, and hard working fellow, it became a favorable impression.

The first time Ignis consider Gladio adorable is when Gladio turned 14, people at work gave him a cake and he shared it with Ignis.

Ignis" I'm sorry, I thought you were at least 22 or so." (He's only 14?!)
Gladio " (cover his face) Oh forget it! I could walk out of a liquor store with six-pack without being asked for an ID."

Ignis" Sounds like you've done it."
Gladio" Yeah, last year on a Truth or Dare Challenge."

And the next year when Gladio turned 15, even his own dad got it all wrong.
Feel free to check out the details here



2.Crowns Guard training period (Ignis:15~18 & Gladio:13~18)
They see each other almost everyday, work days & Holidays, whether it's work related, Noctis related or they were just used to each other's companion.

Because they both skipped childhood and adolescent, they read books about parenting and discussed about how to teach Noctis. In a sense, Noctis was their matchmaker. (Noctis‧know-nothing about his contribution to Gladnis relationship‧Lucis‧Caelum)

Gladio had 2 girlfriends during this period. The first one was a coworker from Crowns Guard who thought Gladio was 23 (but actually 15). Gladio respect woman with combat skills and deliberately didn't mention his age.

In the third month of their relationship, the girl broke up with him peacefully, because she thought he was too young (plus he's the son of the Prime Minister) and she wanted to be a Kings Glaive.

The second one was a brave and active girl who worked in citadel, they were both 17 at the time. The relationship lasted only 6 months, when she could not stand Gladio's daily praise of Ignis (Iris: see? another victim).

She asked Gladio if there's somebody else in his mind, Gladio apologized to her but kept quiet about who that person is. (But the answer was quite obvious)
Ignis was too busy finishing his own studies, helping out Noctis (see BH4), the trainings in Crowns Guard, and being the secretary (?) in council meetings. He didn't have time to form any romantic (?) relationship with anyone.
3.Relationship breakthrough 17x18
After the second breakup, Gladio started to ponder on his feelings toward Ignis. He likes Ignis, A LOT, he wants Ignis to be happy and safe and all the good things in the world, but he is not sure if Ignis would want to be with him.
In the mean time Gladio turned 18 and started drinking, he kind of like wine tasting. But from Iris's point of view, she thought her brother took a serious blow from the breakup and were turning into a drunkard
So she asked Ignis for help, who was knee deep in his own schedules (I set BH4 in July, this happened in May).
Ignis didn't know about the breakup and was surprised at the true reason Gladio was dumped (His mind/heart wasn't on the girl and Gladio actually apologized for that).
(The official saying was that they both want to focus on their career)
(In my mind, the dialogue below are all in Japanese, it just feels right in Japanese instead of English) (Anyway I'll try to translate)
Iris "Anyway you guys are best friends, he would listen to you, so please take good care of my brother."
Ignis "...Where did you learn that way of speaking?"
Iris "I sometimes sneak into citadel with daddy and heard King Regis would say things like this. Is there something wrong?"
Ignis "No, nothing. I'll handle it. Don't worry."
Ignis, who is learned and accomplished, but is actually a bit insensitive when it comes to his own feelings. Of course he cares about Gladio, his first true friend, the special person who doesn't bring him stress, 唯一の理解者 (the only one who could understand him).

Ignis didn't know where to place Gladio in his heart, and if Gladio was thinking about the same thing. He worried for several days, made a lot of preparation and simulations (from good to the worst possibility) before he finally had the courage to knock on Amicitia's front door.

No one was at home except Gladio. Clarus was working in citadel, Iris went to a pajama party. (Yes, prearranged by Iris, who didn't really know what she was encouraging) Ignis brought wine to ease the tense and Gladio welcomed his visit, he's always pleased to see Ignis.

They talked about other things, until Ignis finally asked how he feels after ending a relationship. Losen up by alcohol, and Gladio could never lie to Ignis, he spoke of his true feelings. He felt a little guilty for ex-girlfriend but was relieved when she suggest to break up.

Gladio said that he realized that there is someone that he cares more than anybody else, but he's not sure if that person feels the same way about him. Ignis apparently drinking a little too much, try to move a step forward.

"They say there's a simple way to test it: ask the person to kiss you."
"So would you give it a try?"
"Challenge accepted."

It's their first kiss.


"Not bad" was Gladio's comment on the kiss, although he said that with a smile, that sort of woke Ignis up, worrying that Gladio may not be thinking straight due to wine the he just poured in. But then Gladio asked a silly and yet it was the million dollar question of that night

"Can two men have sex?"
"Actually they can. Do you want to try it? I could teach you."

Ignis felt that was the hardest challenge ever, he paused a little bit, telling himself not to expect anything.

Gladio was clearly drunk, and if he say yes without thinking at all, Ignis would not take advantage of him. If Gladio showed any emotions that could be interpreted as disgust, anger or awkward, he would pretend that it's all a joke and retreat to friend zone forever.

It felt like ages while Gladio tilted his head, a sign of thinking it over and replied with a smile, "Ok~ so what should I do?" Of all the 19 simulations Ignis had prepared for that night, it seemed that Gladio chose the most unlikely one.

BTW Gladio was like this ↓ being a good student as always.



That kind of wrap up 3.
4. will be the period when Gladio took secret missions and work undercover outside Insomnia.



put this here

OK, I think it's time to explain the cultural (?) difference.
I sometimes feel uncomfortable typing Gladnis tag on my fic, cuz it feels like I'm misleading people.
I know in English circle there's no difference, but in Japanese & Mandarin circle, AxB and BxA are VERY DIFFERENT

My fics are all Ignis X Gladio and irreversible, which means my Ignis would always be on top (Although one may not tell the difference until the fic becomes NSFW) .
That's why I'd use these symbols
#イググラ🍴👞to tag my fic.

I usually don't read works from the other side (BxA) or from other CP that breaks my pairing.


4. Undercover & secret mission period (Ignis:18~21, Gladio 18~22)
A lot of things/events took place. Gifts, Tattoo, 41F project, Scars, their first fight..... Probably the happiest period of their life (kind of sad to say this) The Golden 3 years.

After Gladio officially joined Crowns Guard, he was train up as team leader and go on secret missions, including the one that gave him the scar on his face (ME752, November). I planned to write a fic for that incident.

Team members adored him and were willing to accept his command. A serious accident happened in ME753 (Spring), when Gladio's team were searching for possible royal tomb location in the forest, they were attacked by unknown monsters.

Gladio suffered the most injuries when he tried to shield his team, and the poisonous attack later caused Gladio to lose his eyesight. They were stuck in the woods, but Gladio organized the team, used himself as bait to lure the monsters and bought time for team to defeat them.

When Gladio collapsed due to his wounds, luckily the team encountered Sania, who treated Gladio's injuries and helped them find a safe passage out of the woods.

Gladio was rushed back to Insomnia for further medical treatment, Clarus dropped by and said he will scold Gladio later when he recovers. Iris and Ignis had a nice long chat when waiting outside the operating room.

Ignis was too a bit angry, he thought Gladio was too confident and made bad judgement that could easily cause casualties. When Gladio woke up, they had their first fight and didn't talk for days.
PS. Clarus knew about this fight and teased them a bit. A few says later, Ignis met with Gladio's team members and realized that Gladio did all he could to keep the team survive, and left clear instructions that helped the team remain in good order.
Ignis found out that he blamed Gladio unjustly, so he went back to apologize and made Gladio's favorite beef stew.
While the doctors in Insomnia couldn't find out what's wrong with Gladio's eyesight, Ignis searched in references to find any cure for the unknown poison that caused Gladio temporarily blindness, and he found Sania's papers.
(The team didn't know who that red riding hood was) He tried to contact her but in vain, fortunately the papers helped doctors find better treatment for Gladio.
"The person I want to see most is you, and here you are. Thanks for bring back my eyesight."

Before Gladio was fully recovered, Clarus asked him to take on missions that were not stressful or danger, and asked Ignis to keep an eye on his son. Ignis was in logistic department, so he took Gladio for a few field trips, visit campsites in Lucis to collect elemental energy.

Later Gladio would go on undercover mission and join Meldacio as hunter. He spent about 1/2 of the time in the outside world, and brought information to his father Clarus, and gifts for Iris and Ignis.

Due to the fact that I cannot find Ebony vending machine in Insomnia, my headcanon would be it is only manufactured in Niflheim, and they brought the brand with them when they invaded Lucis.

Ignis accidentally drank it when he was on outside mission and really liked its taste, so Gladio would bring/smuggle some for Ignis when he's back from the outside world.

Almost every time when Noctis asked Ignis about the taste of Ebony, Ignis seems to be upset by this. My guess is because he knew that this is a product from enemy, but he really likes it.

PS. When Ignis prepares coffee at campsite, it's not Ebony, but other brands (cotton ally?).

Gladio was very popular among hunters in Meldacio for different reasons. PS. Gladio goes by the name "Gran" outside Insomnia.

He was strong, reliable, easygoing, would not dispute over small matters and didn't really care about the rewards ($). He would take on quests that maybe dangerous just to get some rare ingredients and let the others split the rewards.

Female hunters adore Gladio for other reasons. At first he approached them regarding the recipes they used, and said he want to gather recipes for his lover. So they knew Gladio was already in a steady relationship, and he's always happy/shy when he talked about his lover.

And when they asked Gladio when will they get married, Gladio said they haven't get consent from both parents, but he's willing do anything to get their approval.
"Wow~ so it's like forbidden love ~~I like this!!"
"Don't worry! We've got your back!!"

So Gladio actually had a fan club outside Insomnia (but he didn't know about it) and the branch based in Lestallum, the girls finally found out who that lover is 2 years later. XD


5. In game period (22x23)
Before CH9 they were happy most of the time.
After CH9, I already wrote a fic for them: [FFXV] The Forgotten Path (Mandarin)
Here's another fic after CH13:[FFXV] Long road toward the LIGHT (Mandarin) https://archiveofourown.org/works/26562340
A correction: 41F project is here (22X23) 3/17 (St. Patrick's day) (but they don't have that in Insomnia)
Ignis prepared something very special to celebrate their birthdays
😈https://plurk.com/p/o14y9k The origin of my inspiration
6.After dawn period (32x33)
[FFXV] 一念之差
https://archiveofourown.org/works/27576337 and I hope they live hapily ever after. They deserve so much.

Translation of the first few paragraphs

In brief, Ignis's mental state was like Sarah Conner in the first 2 minutes of Terminator:Dark Fate after the first dawn, and it got worse as time goes by. Gladio worked hard to take care of Ignis and tried to eliminate all factors that would cause him to breakdown mentally.

That's the background of this fic, and maybe one day if anyone want to read it, I could try to translate that one.


7. EP Hillian (the 10-year period, World of Ruins?)
Right now there are only settings, I'll write these routes eventually.






Theme song 1 (OP)



Theme song 2 (ED) 0226 by 【蓮】

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