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[FFXV] The Forgotten Path started writing on 2020/5/19, with over 2000 words per day for 25 days, and finally finished on 6/27.
For a person who wrote like 200 words per week, it's huge. I


For #XVRewind
day 2
Since I only write in Mandarin and no one is with me even though I tried to lure friends into this fandom (later they all ship others), I just post this instead.
The bookmark sketch in P2, I think I'll make it a sticker since I can't really make metal bookmark with gems.



a piece that robbed your sanity.
I was gonna pass this, but just this morning my Ignis showed me another clip that he wants me to write down with other I called the "abyss project". "what if Ignis chose to follow his king after the first dawn and left Gladio"



day 4 a piece that is dear to you.

Abyss #2, I can't believe I picked this.
It depicts a complete world of sadness and showed how one man can love another with no regrets.
It hurts like hell when I wrote it and read it, and I love it.




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#XVRewind day 5


I chose this one, the fighting scenes between the two is quite challenging for me, cuz in my mind although only they were qualified to be each other's opponents, they were rarely this serious. I am glad I pulled it through

DAY4 [FFXV] A little disturbance before lunch Mandarin ver. only


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#XVRewind day 6 

self indulgent piece

It's gotta be 41F project, although now it's only the outline, I'll finish it very soon🤭It's about Ignis & Gladio celebrating their birthdays (22x23) before they leave Insomnia. It's NSFW of course



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DAY7 完走

#XVRewind day 7
personal piece of pride
[FFXV] Long road toward the LIGHT
I think I wrote my ideal Gladio with lots of self-indulgent elements (ボロボロの状態がすき
I want him to be loved by many people in EOS, and he deserves it.




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